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Drak'thul (PvE)
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Welcome to <Anakin>!

We are a small, tight-knit guild of friends, and most of us have been together since Wrath. We are currently not recruiting, as we only want our core raid team to raid. We are dedicated to reaching end-game content and to have as much fun as possible doing so. :) Also, just to clarify, Anakin means Warrior. :p
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Anakin's new website {Pariah}

Lctails, Dec 20, 11 8:08 PM.
Anakin has name changed to Pariah! We also got a new website to reflect it. Our site is

Also, i forgot to say we did blackhorn and spine, like, 2 weeks ago. yea.


Ultraxion Down

Lctails, Dec 2, 11 2:28 PM.
Ultraxion went down on Nov. 30! Forgot to write it down on the gpage xD. Also, Chevy took the pic, so she'll have that up soon. Good job guys! GL tonight!


Dragon Soul 4/8!

Lctails, Nov 30, 11 2:09 PM.
Congrats on our 4/8 in a day on DS guys! Thats Morchok, Warlord, Yor'saj, and Hagara down! And grats to Shakaquan as hes  gonna be getting the first part of his legendaries already! Woulda been 5/8 but SOMEBODY'S addons didn't allow the button to be clicked. That was funny. Alright guys click it.... /ded. Very important to update addons. I can't remember what loot was obtained, but ill find it and post it soon. :D

Forgot to mention, 1 shot Morchok and Yor'saj, 2 shot Hagara, and about 5 shot Zon'zz or whatever his name is. Forgot to take pictures too x.x They'll be updated next week. :D

~Solaria (Chalice)

Deathwing, your going down ,biotch! :P

H Baleroc Down!

Lctails, Nov 17, 11 12:53 AM.
Grats on our Heroic baleroc kill guys! And FUU- about my helm dropping since I switched to my hunter. Rar.
Comp: Astrea (Dpriest) Deathrain(HPally); Acesuited (PWarr);Solaria (MHunter), Zaggy (Amage), Chevelle (DemoLock), Rotten (Spriest), Killmehard (FWarr), Shamoodles (EnhShammy), Shakaquan (CRogue)

Gearz: Rogue/Kitty Chest (Yes, Shakaquan has now gotten 3 heroic off pieces)
Warrior, Hunter, Shammy Token (gloves)
Casque of Flame (HPally Helm) Rar.

~Solaria (Chalice) <3

H Majordomo, Down!

Lctails, Nov 12, 11 12:44 PM.
So, after practice on the fight the night of our two heroic kills, we got him down on a 1-shot on 11/11/11. Lucky day, i'll say! No deaths, and heres our comp (in an easier way for me to write it)

Heals: Astrea, Deathrain, Chalice
Tank: Acesuited
Dps: Zaggy, Killmehard, Shamoodles, Shakaquan, Chevelle, Rotten

*Note that 6/10 people here have alt codes*

Well Grats guys, and Here is an update on what dropped on each boss:
Shannox- Leather healer Shoulders (crap); Warrior, Hunter, Shammy token (legs); Rogue/Feral Gloves
Lord Rhy- Cloth Helm (Spirit/haste), Tank/dps Plate gloves
Domo- The Hungerer; Death Knight, Druid, Mage, Rogue token (shoulders); leather healer pants (crap again)

~Solaria (Chalice) <3

(PS- Grats on 4th top Horde guild, guys!)
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